Four months of highly tailored Leadership Development

Can you tick any of these points?

  • I don’t think in the most empowering ways for myself and my company.
  • I wish I could make things happen.
  • How do I think ‘big’?
  • My communication skills are not at the level I would like them to be.
  • I lack intention, motivation and focus.
  • I know so much information, have so many ideas, why can’t I do what I know I should be doing?
  • I need to use my time more efficiently and effectively.
  • I’m not getting the results I want and need from my team or colleagues.
  • How can I find more meaning and fulfillment in the work I do?
  • I need to set goals for myself, my division, and my business, and I want them to be well formed, exciting and challenging.
  • How do I become more proactive, and less reactive or aggressive as a leader?
  • It’s time I asked myself the hard questions to develop myself as a Leader, like:
    • Do I act from my true self with no masks?
    • Am I as good as my word?
    • Do I walk my talk?
    • Do I give of myself to others and my business?
    • Am I a team player?
    • Am I a pioneer, moving out into new areas?
    • Do I communicate clearly, succinctly and compellingly?

successful leader | Inner Coaching | imageIf so, know that in this Leadership Coaching programme:

  • We coach to your “being” as a leader, that is your authenticity, integrity and congruency as the leader you want to be.
  • We coach to your “doing” as a leader, that is the contributions you want to make, your way of collaborating with others, and to communicating to get your messages across and explain your visions and direction to get buy-in.
  • We coach to bring the pioneer in you out, to lead out into new and exciting areas.
  • We coach for emotional intelligence, empowerment, and your best states.
  • We coach for enhancing frames of mind and references.
  • We coach for an empowering attitude.
  • We coach so that you can be at your best, and becoming the best Leader possible
  • And we invite you to create the most empowering, robust, and enhanced way to think, make appraisals, set intentionalities, and motivate yourself.
  • We coach for an enhanced map about leading others, relationships, connection, cooperation, conflict resolution, and working with and through people.

Leadership Coaching is about helping high performance executives to improve their leadership and management skills, improve their relationships, and experience a general increase in their effectiveness within their organisations. I coach for leadership in one’s life and in ones work within the organisation, using the 7 core leadership criteria with benchmarks.

Who is this Leadership Coaching Programme for?

  • Executives
  • Business Leaders
  • Top Managers
  • Fast Trackers
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs

Download the PDF of this Leadership Coaching Programme.