In-depth & Tailored Level

If you are ready to step up a gear and want a more personalized approach, consider hiring me as your Personal Coach. 

I offer developmental and transformational 4 month coaching programmes that are highly tailored to your individual needs. 

Individual development is a focus at Inner Coaching

We work one-on-one in person or on skype, helping you overcome the blocks holding you back from expressing yourself and developing the relationships you want. 

I facilitate you to have no regrets in your life, by building a strong foundation for emotional and social intelligence, and find the direction in your life and we work on the practical how of how to create the life you want.

I also offer highly focused programmes and my longer trainings to take your communicating and relating skills to the next level, after the building blocks of the three Power Sessions:


One-on-One attention, face to face or via Skype:


Group Training Sessions I offer:


How to start?

The starting point is to book a 1.5 hour Readiness Session with me so we can explore which option will meet your specific needs.  

Or get in touch to book a training session.

Contact me.