Mastery Level

You feel like you have some of the basics in place, and want to close a few gaps or polish your communication skills.

You’re ready for my highly tailored approach and advanced courses, all geared to taking you to mastery.

Mastery Level has indepth solutions for your journey

This level is where we develop your leadership and relating skills as you lead and relate, with live communication coaching and real time feedback.   These intense programmes are not only highly tailored to your needs, they also involve more developmental and transformational coaching, and we call in other experts as they are needed.

For example, a Leadership Coaching programme may involve transformational coaching sessions with me, breakthrough sessions with Paul Myburgh, energetic and physical healing with Nicole Burkhardt, image consulting, dietician advice, a week of shadow coaching with feedback like you’ve never experienced that helps you leap forward in applying what you know, and filling the gaps you don’t know.

Or a Relating & Communicating Coaching programme may involve transformational coaching sessions with me, image consulting and shadow coaching as your shadow coach “wingman” style, to improve your social skills and dating or as a professional “side-kick”, to improve your managerial and presentation skills and even how to deal with conflict and confrontation.

This level of mastery starts with a Readiness Session , to find out your needs and tailor an approach and consult with expertise that I don’t have, to meet your needs to fine tune your influencing, leading, presenting, negotiating, confronting skills and levels of intimacy, connection and contribution.



There is an art to constructive confrontation to find the win-win solutions with people.  Develop your un-insult-ability and learn the structure and way to work through conflict and resolve the issue in a conscious, positive way.

Keynote Talks

How to apply?

The starting point is to book a 1.5 hour Readiness Session with me so we can explore which option will meet your specific needs.

Or just get in touch to see if one of my Keynote talks or trainings will meet your needs.

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