Relationships are a key part of our lives

Our ability to relate to others is a critical skill for the quality of life we live. Often, to change our lives, we can start by changing the way we relate to the people in our lives.

Everything we do, we do with and through people. We have relationships with our intimate partner, our parents and siblings, our children, our friends, the people we work with, even customers we sell to. We also have a relationship with our self.

How is your ability to relate to others? Do you have relationships that support you, that help you grow and become all you can be? Or are your relationships toxic, holding you back and sabotaging your success?

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Can you open up in relationships? And share and communicate your needs and desires?

Or do you close up, shy away from people, have few friends and battle to get ahead at work due to poor relating skills?

Communication is a significant part of relationships.  How you are able to express yourself with another, and what you choose to share, can make or break a relationship.

Telana works with individuals, couples and teams to help them improve their communicating and relating skills, and thus their relationships.

Some examples are:

  • A managers needing to give performance appraisals in a way that builds relationships with staff.
  • A lover finding a way to be more vulnerable and intimate.
  • A life partner needing to set boundaries that grow the relationship.
  • A parent needing to discipline a child.
  • A team needing to move from the “blame game” to find a way of communicating that leads to performance.
  • A person needing to confront a friend.
  • How to argue and deal with conflict that leads to greater understanding and moving forward in the relationship.
  • Couples who have a good relationships and are wanting to enhance and deepen their relationship, take it to the next level.
  • Couples needing to work through old, stuck patterns of relating to find a way that works that they didn’t know how to get to.

Options for improving your Relationships:

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