Improving your Communication skills – for better relationships at home and work

Course Overview:

Do you believe that communication skills are an important part of your relationships and that good relationships are significant for a happy life?  However, you’re not sure where to start to improve your communication?

It can be so frustrating when you struggle to get what you want to say across to someone important.  And equally distressing when you know you battle to be in your best state to listen and be open to hear what they have to say.

Good communication skills are key for happy relationshipsThis series of courses will take you on a journey to put the building blocks in place for a strong foundation for effective communication, and develop your skills that are needed for relating to others to build relationships.

For the past ten years I – and my clients – have been applying this communication model and enjoying more freedom to express ourselves, and noticed how our empathy and compassion have grown as we become more understanding, more understood and able to handle the complexities of interpersonal communication.

Imagine being able to pick up where the mis-communication is happening, make the necessary adjustments that are within your control, and get your message across more often while also understanding others more easily.  Would that be useful? Would that improve your relationships?

By unpacking the complexity of communication we can simplify it, and then you’ll know how to develop your communication skills.

What students say:
“This course is excellent and give us detail insight on communication. It should be included when studying communication in Business Management Courses at University level.” – Sundra Moonsamy

You will learn

In this 23 hour long course with five modules, you will learn:

  • About how to use emotions to help you navigate through relationships and life
  • To have a robust, healthy self esteem and build others esteem as well
  • The key to self confidence
  • How to put healthy boundaries in place in relationships for more accountability
  • To not take things so personally
  • What is your responsibility and what is another’s and how to communicate this
  • How to build rapport
  • To improve your listening and supporting skills
  • About the most useful questions and how to ask them
  • How to give and receive constructive criticism
  • The most useful ideas and beliefs that lead to effective communication
  • About how the brain works in terms of communicating and relating
  • How to figure out people to get your message across to them more effectively
  • The importance and usefulness of taking different perspectives
  • How to overcome bad communication experiences that might be holding you back from expressing yourself
  • How to enhance your ability to communicate and relate as you want to

I absolutely love teaching and coaching people to express themselves more effectively and improve their relationships, so that they not only grow to become better communicators, they also enjoy fulfilling relationships at both home and at work.

Please note (really important stuff): 

This course is geared towards those individuals who know that communication is a significant key to success in so many areas of their lives and they are willing to take the necessary steps to work on themselves and their communication skills.  It is for those people who want to express themselves more, share more of their ideas and themselves, and feel they are more equipped to build the right relationships.

This course is NOT for people who just want to learn how to put together a speech, or write a letter – we’re not focusing on that kind of communication skills.  It is also not for those who believe that communication is outside of their control or who can’t see the significance of the softer skills.

What students say:
“Very impressed with this investment. I believe this should become a necessity to every company. Old school body language is not always true and hardly touches on physical communication. The content was mind blowing, this is powerful stuff which I certainly will use everyday. Have already impacted on the way my fiancé and I communicate with each other at home, rational discussions.” – SS

Length of Course

This Course is made up of three steps and totals 23 hours of training, spread over 5 modules of workshops and seminars:

Step 1 – Self Communication

The four building blocks to effective communication are covered in these three 2.5 hour power session workshops.   These are:

  • A shot of EQ – the foundation to knowing how to deal with our emotions and relate to other people’s emotions
  • A dose of Self Confidence – to develop self esteem and self confidence in self and others
  • A boost of Mojo – how healthy relationships work and the responsibility of communication

Step 2 – Communication Excellence – Fundamental Skills

This day long course unpacks the complexities of communication and the skills we can develop to improve our relationships.  We look at how the brain works in communicating, rapport building, listening and supporting, questioning and feedback skills

Step 3 – Communication Excellence – Advanced Skills

The final stage helps us figure out other people and get our message across more effectively, how to take on different perspectives for empathy, and overcoming any blocks holding us back.  In this one day training we develop a sense of uninsultability, and bring the Communication Model together to enhance our ability to communicate and relate as we want to.

communication | Inner Coaching | imageNext Class :

The upcoming dates of the modules have not been set yet:

Step 1 – Self Communication 

Step 2 – Communication Excellence – Fundamental Skills

Date: usually a Saturday – date tbc
Time: 09:00 to 17:00

Step 3 – Communication Excellence – Advanced Skills

Date:  usually a Saturday – date tbc
Time: 09:00 to 17:00

VENUE: The venue is to be confirmed, in  Johannesburg (Sandton or Fourways).


This is a face-to-face, group training where the information is broken down into smaller, manageable chunks presented in these modules.  There is time between each module to allow for integration and application, which enhances your learning.  The style of presentation is very interactive, making use of presentations, written notes, videos, individual exercises, group discussions, and practical exercises in pairs.

What students say:
“I really enjoyed the course and found that it was extremely well presented. Telana was great and really made an impact. The course content was also strongly backed up by theory as well as videos which made it a fun learning experience. Now, I only need to practice what I have learnt!” – Anonymous

About the Instructor

Telana Confidence Trainer | Inner Coaching | image I’m Telana Simpson, a Personal Communicating & Relating Coach and Trainer.  I have a BSc (Hons) in Psychology degree, and Coaching and Training qualifications.  I joined and set up the training and operations in South Africa and worldwide. I worked as a Coach for Nandos, after which I helped expand Omega Cycling while studying coaching further, specialising in NLP and Neuro-Semantics, and then became entrepreneurial, starting Inner Coaching. My diverse background, together with my marketing, customer service, training, coaching, operations and management experience makes me a versatile and engaging Trainer and Coach.  My own challenges with communicating and expressing myself have led me to specialize in this area, and develop training and coaching programmes to help you develop your ability to express yourself, and your potential.

Read more about Telana here.

More info about this course on the Communication Skills Training Pathway page and in PDF format:

Registration Fees (in South African Rands)

Each module has a fee if you would prefer to pay as you go, being:

Step 1 – the three Power Sessions, each R475  or do all three of them in one Sunday session for R1140

Step 2 – Communication Excellence – Fundamental Skills – R1820

Step 3 – Communication Excellence – Advanced Skills – R1820

Or you can sign up for the full programme and all 5 modules for a special package deal of R4556 (saving you R506) with payment upfront.

NOTE: This programme is offered privately for one-on-one tuition, for individuals who prefer a more focused approach with personal attention, and / or who can’t wait for the public group course dates. Contact Telana for rates and dates.

Class Guarantee and Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation Policy:
I accept written cancellation by no later than 14 working days prior to commencement of training. In the event of refunds, a 20% administration fee will be forfeited.

I reserve the right to change training dates and or presenter should circumstances arise that are outside of my control.

This training is fully guaranteed. If by the end of the first day you are not fully satisfied with the communication skills training, just hand in your manual and I’ll issue you a full refund. This is how confident I am that you will find value in the trainings I offer at Inner Coaching.

Privacy Policy

How to Register

Contact me, Telana to book your place now.

If you cant make the next date, sign up below and then be the first to get notified when the next dates are set:

What students say:

“The course was like adding new value and knowledge to my life. Good practice time to use all information in your environment. The course was to some extend an eye-opener – how I saw and experienced people around me. Using my new skills and knowledge opens a new insight for me. Telana’s knowledge in communication is profound and it was an enjoyable attending her communication course.”
-Ulrike Schottler. Owner and Career Coach, Ulrike Schottler Business and Life Coaching cc

“The logic behind the frameworks has been enlightening. Understanding how my reactions effect others was something listed as an outcome, however understanding how not to take on something that I do not want to was empowering.”
-Carol, Self Employed

“It’s empowering to notice and understand the power of one’s background and patterning. The openness and passion in Telana’s actions and presentation is good for me to pay more attention.”
– Dan Puente

More testimonials here

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