2 hour Power Session Workshops

High Impact in Short Bursts

Would you like to improve your EQ and interpersonal skills, but don’t have the time and energy for long training sessions?

Then consider my 2 hour high impact Power Training sessions.

These sessions can stand alone or form part of a series of sessions, which you can schedule as and when you want them, to fit into your diary. They combine training and coaching on specific topics.

You can have one-on-one sessions, or organise for a group of friends or colleagues to join you, or these sessions can be used as punchy team development sessions.

Topics to choose from

  • Boost your Mojo- A Dose of Personal Power
    Our natural powers for taking effective action and how ownership of these leads to empowerment of self and others, and draws the line of responsibility, promoting accountability…more.
  • A dose of Self Confidence
    Improve your self confidence and self esteem so that it’s not conditional on others and you don’t take things personally…more
    (also see our Vibrant Life- Build confidence and esteem Course)
  • A shot of EQ – The Art of Handling Emotions
    Improve your emotional intelligence and be able to master your emotions. Develop state management skills that will increase both the your IQ and EQ… more.