For a Shot of EQ to develop Emotional Intelligence

Do you want to be in control of your emotions so you can handle them more effectively?

It would be better than being on an emotional roller coaster where your feelings seem to have a life of their own and take over you.

If you battle with your emotions and have problems with anger, fear, anxiety and other negative emotions, then this class will show you the art to handling emotions effectively and intelligently that I’ve been using successfully for the last ten years in my own life and sharing with my clients and friends.

This box has a shot of EQ or emotional intelligence for youFrom the day after this course you will have a very different relationship with your emotions that will help you to create the life you want (by following your joy) and learn when you need to look at an issue and make changes in your life.

I know that this is a powerful session of theory and practical skill development that will help you manage and control your emotions.

Since learning this material many years ago I feel more emotionally stable and alive, and have found it much easier to be with other people’s emotions- all leading to greater emotional intelligence.  I know myself much better now which has helped my personal development tremendously.

And you too can learn this material and get to know yourself better, further improving your emotional intelligence.

You will learn

In this 2.5 hour class you will learn:

  1. How we process information to develop our perceptions, which create our emotions and results in our lives
  2. The theory of emotion such that you know why to follow your joy
  3. How to control your emotions
  4. How to develop state management skills that will increase both the your IQ and EQ
  5. What parts of emotions are good, and what parts are bad
  6. What anger, depression, anxiety and fear are about and what to do about them
  7. How to dress up your attitude by changing your state at will


Please note: This class is aimed at people who want to learn to control and manage their emotions, and especially their anger and anxiety.  They tend to feel that they don’t understand themselves and feel that their emotions get the better of them.  This class is NOT for people who feel emotionally stable and in control of their emotions.

What others say about this session:
“Understanding these ideas and concepts has made everyday life so much better” – P.J.
(Contactable references available upon request)

Length of Workshop

The session begins at 18h00 until 20h30 and the next date for 2016 hasn’t been set yet.

The Venue is usually in Sandton or Fourways.


This is a live class where we cover both theory and practical elements.  The engaging exercises will help you grasp the theory, and the practical exercises leave you with new skills to try out.  You can make notes in the handouts you will get.  And you’ll leave with some ideas on how to practice and sustain the knowledge you’ve gained.  The workshop is convenient to get to as it is held in a secure venue, in the central location of Sandton.

Telana, Personal Communication & Relationship CoachAbout the Instructor

I’m Telana Simpson, and I’m a Personal Coach who specialises in communicating and relating.  I’ve trained extensively in the cognitive behavioural sciences of NLP and Neuro-Semantics, and I have a psychology degree and Meta-Coach and Neuro-Semantic Trainer qualifications.  My background includes healing myself of an illness and I believe that learning to deal with my emotions helped me significantly, and keeps me healthy today.

Since I starting to offer private coaching sessions and trainings since 2004 I have been committed to helping my clients improve their emotional intelligence to enable them to express themselves and unleash more of their potential.  I speak in the media and at conferences, host an online TV show and write as often as I can.

Read more about Telana here.

Registration Fees

R475 (or USD42) for the 2.5 hour power session.

NOTE: This programme is offered privately for one-on-one tuition, for individuals who prefer a more focused approach with personal attention, and / or who can’t wait for the public group course dates. Contact Telana for rates and dates.

Class Guarantee and Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation Policy: I accept written cancellation by no later than 4 working days prior to commencement of training. In the event of refunds, a 20% administration fee will be forfeited.

Conditions: I reserve the right to change training dates and or presenter should circumstances arise that are outside of my control.

Guarantee: All trainings are fully guaranteed. If by the end of the workshop you are not fully satisfied, just hand in your manual and I will issue you a full refund. This is how confident I am you will find value in the training.

Privacy Policy here.

How to Register

Contact me, Telana to book your place now. Or you can pay online now to book your seat:

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What others say about our Power Sessions:
“The theory was explained in a way that I could understand and really grasp.” – Liz Allen
“I understand a little that no two people are the same, and that some people just need to be motivated differently in order for you to understand them and vice versa. You approach people differently – some people need to be pushed more than others. It has helped me to learn new things about my family, and has taught me how to deal with things I saw as a problem. Now I try and teach them” -Nikki Lala, Agency Development Manager, Uniglobe Travel
“A fun space to get down to serious examination of who you are, where you at and where you want to go to and a roadmap to get there. Just remember to dream big and believe in yourself” – M.S.More testimonials here.