Coaching Programmes and Types of Sessions

Your options for buying coaching

Coaching is experiential, and is tailored to your specific needs. This is because coaches are the experts in the structure of creating change, and you are the expert in the content of your life. I offer coaching packaged in a few different ways, so that it will meet your individual needs and budget.

The starting place for exploring which option is right for you, is the Readiness Session. From there you will be advised on what option specifically meets your requirements, so you can then make an informed decision.

Your choices include basing your buying decision on one of these factors:

  • A need for a once-off Breakthrough Session or a 3 to 6 month developmental or transformational process in a Programme of Sessions
  • A programme based on a topic or area you want to focus on and develop
  • Your budget- so finding the right programme based on your budget

laughing business people | Inner Coaching | imageThere is an option for you that suits your preferred style of learning- a less structured approach or a set programme:

Breakthrough Sessions:

Breakthroughs happen in a once off, focused coaching session and are ideal for making a decision, gaining more awareness around a particular issue, to gain momentum with a project, to having a neutral sound board, as an accountability structure, etc. …more info.

Coaching Programmes:

Programmes are a lot more structured and follow a set process as part of that structure. Despite the organization of this style of coaching, the focus is still on you and your outcomes, so very individualised. Each session looks at a specific aspect of yourself and how that aspect impacts on you reaching your outcomes.

Other Coaching Options:

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