There is not an aspect of life that does not involve some one else in some way, from work, to home life, to family time, to sport, to socialising, to your love life.

Life is about relationships.  And relationships involve communication.

With that in mind, communication is the word that we then lump all the “stuff” that goes on between us and other people.  We communicate in the words we use, the way we say or write them, how we hold our bodies and the facial expressions we use, and even in what we don’t say and the emotional state we are in.

Telana Simpson explores a practical model that will help people understand the complexity of communication, and more importantly, how to apply all these aspects to their own lives, personally and professionally, which will help significantly with how they communicate and thus interact with other people in all areas of their lives and work.

Audiences to date include:

  • General Public talks


“Last night I attended a talk at the Gauteng branch of COMENSA – coaches, mentors and trainers. Telana Simpson had been invited to share with the guests and members her understanding of ‘communication’.  Presenting to 20 or more knowledgeable professionals, whose core business is centred on communication, requires courage.  It also requires an understanding, that there is an extremely fine line, between providing insight and being patronising. Telana danced with skilful courage between these.
Always mindful that her audience was attentive and tuning in to her next point and conscious of the level of resident knowledge.  She successful dogged of couple of tried sexist comments about women. Delivering a number of key points and offering practical advice on a complex and shifting subject. To me Telana successfully communicated.” – Graeme Butchart

“I found Telana’s talk on communication to be a useful reminder of what I have learned as an NLP coach. She added to what I knew by bringing new thinking and models to her talk and sharing these in an engaging way.” – Robert Farndell

“I believe you must never judge a person, as you do not know what their past experiences were or what they are going through. Knowing about the filters that people have helps to be more empathy and helps you get along with people”– M.V.

“I found that I can now understand people differently, to accept certain things without getting annoyed. I’ve learnt how to also deal with people differently, how to communicate on a different level” – Nikki Lala, Agency Development Manager, Uniglobe Travel

“I found the session on basic communication very informative, I learnt how people’s filters work” – G.C, Bookkeeper

“It’s empowering to notice and understand the power of one’s background and patterning. The openness and passion in Telana’s actions and presentation is good for me to pay more attention” – Dan Peunte