The Authentic Leader is true to herselfHow to overcome the Imposter Syndrome

  • Are you plagued with self doubt and feel undeserving, even though you are seen as successful?
  • Do you credit your accomplishments to luck?
  • Do you hold back from advanced positions, going for that promotion, taking risks?

While few talk about it, most achievers feel the pangs of deep fears of being found out, of being a fraud. This phenomenon, known as the Imposter Syndrome, makes the workplace a confidence desert, and leads to defensive behaviours and holding back. It impacts decision making and communication negatively, and creates high internal stress levels and feeds the fear of failure.

Hear about what you can do to overcome these hidden fears, as well as bust the biggest myth that perpetuates this Syndrome.

Telana shares, in this tailored talk her, ideas on how to deal with self doubt and emotions, build confidence, see failure as feedback, speak up and have honest conversations that count, and become an authentic, empowered leader.

Aimed at: Executives, Managers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Pioneers