Some things are uniquely feminine

Being a woman today is very different to what it was generations ago. Women have more choice. They have a voice in politics and business. They have expectations (their own and societies) of juggling the many roles of motherhood, business woman, lover, friend, and family responsibilities.

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Some women are managing well. Some are leading out and showing their sisters how to do it.

Yet some are left feeling empty and tired, lost and confused with wanting to be a part of conflicting roles. Some are questioning how to manage the clash between their personal values and the corporate world’s values.

Coaching for Women

Telana works with women who want to explore the complexities of life in this busy, demanding world; who want a space for introspection; who value meeting like minded women to learn through the way women connect and support; and who need to create the time to focus on themselves so that they can give once again to those they care for.

Telana has a particular interest in relationships and communication within relating, and helps women express themselves more, be able to manage conflict and confrontation positively, and lead out at work.

She also helps women explore their femininity- and understand the masculine – in the context of starting or developing intimate conscious relationships.

David Deida, Bruce Lipton, and Jeff Brown’s work, together with other thought leaders of today on the topics of femininity and masculinity – especially within conscious communication and relationships –  and in systems and sustainability philosophies are some of the underpinnings for this coaching.  These, together with the cognitive behavioural sciences of NLP and Neuro-Semantics make for an engaging process.

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