Muhammad’s Testimonial about Coaching with Telana

“Telana coached me through a massive life transition providing me with the tools, support, motivation, inspiration and knowledge required at all levels of my being in order to overcome fears and obtain my goals. The blend between coaching to my commitments and Neuro Semantic knowledge was appropriate and massively beneficial supporting me to meet on my commitments whilst simultaneously having me observe and shift patterns of thought and behaviour that were no longer serving. Telana's ability to read energy levels coupled with her compassionate yet driven nature made for life changing breakthroughs to be the norm for my coaching engagement. [...]

Siphesihle’s Testimonial about the [be brave] programme

“One would never understand and appreciate the life unfolded in front of them until they understand and appreciate who they are, what they are about in this world, where they belong within the life cycle, where they come from, importance of life’s lessons in improving our daily life, importance of ‘failure, disappointment’ and the important role they play in living their life fully and encouraging others. On a scale of 1 – 5 (1 being low and 5 being excellent), I rate this [be brave] coaching program as 5. And I would describe Telana as a unique, informed, soft and [...]

Julie Clarke’s Testimonial about the [be real] programme

“Assuming you too believe your life is about a journey of growing yourself closer to serving God (or truth or the positive powers of the universe as may see it). Personal coaching is a way to share a part of that personal journey with a special someone. Coaching helps reveal you to better ways you may serve all you love in already discovered ways and in new ways too. It is fun, it unleashes creative and spiritual energy and it’s exhilarating and liberating to deliberately concentrate on building your inner strength.  Choose a special someone you can trust, who is [...]

Brenda’s Testimonial about the [be brave] programme

“Before I started with this program I doubted myself, had low self-confidence and weak self-esteem, During the program I have learned to believe in myself, gained self-confidence and built a stronger self-esteem, I have even learned the difference between Self-confidence and self-esteem which I initially thought meant the same, I was able to gain all that through the efforts and dedication that were put by my coach and myself, we worked as team where each one of us played their part, I am not saying I am now entirely perfect because it is not something that happens overnight, it is [...]

Natasha’s Testimonial

“I have been through 2 ‘encounters 🙂 ’ with Telana, Vibrant Life and a Mastermind circle. Both have been very rewarding and enlightening for me and have helped me find inner strength and confidence to deal with day to day challenges at work and at home. The Vibrant Life encounter helped me to understand better how I react to stimuli and how to use filters to promote healthy behaviour.  It also motivated me to take control of my emotions and not allow others to control how I feel. The Mastermind Circle encounter was excellent in facilitating a group to get [...]

Malebo’s Testimonial about Breakthrough Sessions

“Inner Coaching has helped me Own My Power. I am now able to make responsible and informed decisions for myself. That's what I needed to make the changes I have made in my life since taking coaching with Inner Coaching.” - Malebo Legong 2017 (About a Breakthrough Session)

Vivian’s Testimonial about [be brave] programme

“If I were to recommend Inner Coaching to my friend, my testimonial of my experience is be honest and trust your coach with everything, remember she is not your friend, she will push you to think in ways you may never have before. The experience is awesome, I have learned things that are did not know about myself, and I have gained confidence, inner strength and courage to overcome my fear of public speaking.” - Vivian Ngwako Assistant Director November 2017    (About the ‘[be brave]’ Coaching Programme)

TK’s Testimonial

“I honestly did not know what to expect, I came there with an open mind. During the process though I realized that the coaching does not bring overnight transformation. Telana is not a Fairy God Mother with a magic wand, if you want the changes you have to put in the work and it's continuous journey and the sessions have equipped me with the necessary tools for my journey. My experience was incredible even though there were some challenging moments, Telana reassured me that everything I am feeling is normal and she was there cheering me on and offering me [...]

A Manager’s Testimonial of Leadership Coaching

Inner Coaching is “an excellent experience that will assist you in becoming a more actualized individual.  The word that immediately springs to mind to describe my coaching experience is ‘enlightening’. The coaching with Telana had many ’a-ha’ moments.  Telana is a good coach, focused on ensuring the best for the client. Dedicated to ensuring the coaching experience was impactful.” - Anonymous, Manager: Credit & Market Risk Monitoring, Development Bank of Southern Africa May 2017 (About the Leadership Coaching Programme)

Melanie’s Testimonial

"I recommend Telana and her programme for anyone wanting to understand the world and for personal growth. The world makes more sense to me now and I understand why people do what they do." -Melanie Davies, Receptionist, Chartwell Veternary Hospital May 2017 About the I ♥ my life! Programme Melanie with her daughter, Jade.

Sue-Ann’s Testimonial

"I found the small, intimate format much more engaging than other courses I’ve had that have classes of 10 or more participants. It was much easier to ask questions and to relate to both the answers and my fellow participants. I appreciated that we weren’t expected to participate in role-play, but to actually experience the various states and encouraged to reach inside and bring forth positive memories that helped make the practise sessions more real. There’s still work to be done, of course - it’s not a magic bullet - but this is a great grounding course from which to [...]

A Nursing Student’s Testimonial

“Inner Coaching really changed my life, now I am a happy and an excited person. I am no longer sad like I used to be, I look forward to the future and every challenges that life will throw at me to handle them the best way that I can, Inner Coaching is really worth it.” DL, Nursing student July 2016 Testimonial about the Coaching for Excellence programme.

Chuene’s Testimonial

My testimonial of my experience is…… “Exceptional and empowering.” - Chuene Ramphele Manager Business Development Development Bank of Southern Africa June 2016 (About the Leadership Coaching Programme)

Ralph’s Testimonial

“I found the seminar extremely enlightening.  It has provided me with a much broader view of how I use filters and interpretations to decode life.  The course provides tools and exercises, which I find very useful to improve my outlook and attitude.  I feel that I have now obtained direction and a way forward in my goal of “finding my own space” in life and living more freely.” – Ralph Whittal, Software Programmer, June 2016 About the Vibrant Life: Develop your Confidence and Esteem course.

Natasha’s Testimonial

"Vibrant Life is a brilliant course that provided insight to how my thoughts and behaviours stifled my potential at work and at home. It then provided me with the tools and information to embrace my emotions and with 100% self-esteem, valuing who I am and what I have to offer the world, as well as valuing others. It has helped me to practice courage and confidence in all that I do. Mostly it helped me to think about how I react to stimuli and how to use filters to promote healthy behaviour, as well as be in control of my [...]